.  Teaching and training of dental students to orient them scientifically, practically and clinically to be competent as dental practitioners -
.    Encourage scientific research to gain new knowledge -
.    To improve skills and to provide continuous education for the graduated dentist -
.    Take part with government efforts in the health education tasks -
.  Provides dental health care of high quality to the patients attending the college clinics -
.    Encourage exchanging knowledge and experience with other dental schools -
. Recognizes the importance of dental ethics and roles of general practitioner in performing their professions -
.  Training and preparing the teaching staff of the college -
.  Reviewing and, providing of all scientific publications and newly developed materials and equipments -
. To provide studies for higher  education and Scientific research -
          Sought, Faculty of Dentistry, to prepare the dentist general practitioner and a specialist and to develop competent dental professionals and contribute to research and community service; through an environment that stimulates acquisition, dissemination and production of oral health knowledge, adopting technology, and building local and they can compete locally, regionally and internationally, by providing opportunities education and ongoing training to keep the doctor continued with the developments of modern technologies in order to develop the message of human dental profession locally and internationally

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